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What is dental floss

dental floss types

If you skip flossing, you can clean up to 40% of your teeth surface!

Do you believe this?

If you’ve ever had a dental cleaning, you already know what flossing is. Flossing is an integral part of the entire cleaning process. Flossing is essential even if you brush your teeth once or twice a day. dental floss types

But, while the importance of flossing is defined, published, and accepted, the evidence to support it is thin. So, in this blog, let’s see how flossing can make a difference in oral and gum health.

What is flossing and why is it important to floss daily?

Before I tell you about flossing, let me define flossing as an important part of dental health. Flossing should be included in the daily routine to maintain oral health and hygiene. dental floss types

It prevents plaque build-up, cavities, gingivitis, and other symptoms or conditions that can lead to oral cancer. Flossing regulates blood flow to the deeper layers of the teeth and gums. It makes both teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Flossing becomes effective only when you choose the right technique. Flossing incorrectly can hurt your gums, so learning how to floss is also important. dental floss types

As life gets busy and stressful, it’s convenient to relax. Less relevant aspects are oral hygiene and maintaining proper oral health. Flossing may take some time but it will be worth doing once you understand the results of dental problems.

Types of Dental Floss

There are many variations in dental floss depending on its thickness, taste, etc. No floss will suit everyone. Some people may have more than one floss and it all depends on their situation. dental floss types

Types of dental floss are:

  1. Thread Floss.
  2. Waxed Floss.
  3. Un-waxed Floss
  4. Tape Floss or Dental Tape.
  5. Super Floss.
  6. PTFE Floss.

Among all these types, it is challenging to decide without being fully informed about each floss and how to use it for high performance.

  1. For anti-shedding: waxed floss

This is one of the flosses available that is also easy to use. This floss is made from nylon but coated with wax to add durability. Even in crowded areas with teeth, waxed floss is more likely to fall off. dental floss types

In addition to durability, this waxed floss poses the challenge that the extra layer of wax can be squeezed off in tight areas. Hence, this floss is recommended for people with crowded teeth.

  1. For tight teeth: Un-wax floss

This is one of the most used types of floss. It is usually made of nylon material with many strands (about 35 strands) woven together. This floss is free from chemicals as there are no artificial flavors added to it. dental floss types

Unwaxed flossing is very thin and is only recommended for people with small gaps between their teeth. It soaks up food particles better by easily fitting into the tight spaces between the teeth. The only downside to unwaxed floss is that it tends to fray easily.

  1. Thread floss

Thread floss is made from thin nylon threads. These are easy to slide into the teeth and easy to use. dental floss types

  1. Dental tape or tape floss

Dental tape is almost the same as all other types of floss, but it is a bit thicker than most. The dental tape looks flattering and is recommended for people with large gaps. dental floss types

Since the gap is longer, they must have thicker floss to clean debris easily. Dental tapes are available in both waxed and un-waxed versions. Dental tape is not advised for people with teeth.

  1. Polytetrafluoroethylene floss (PTFE) floss

Polytetrafluoroethylene is mostly known as Gore-Tex fabric which is very strong. Floss made from this fabric is free from cutting. This floss is also good for crowded teeth because it easily glides through small gaps. dental floss types

In addition to being easy to use, PTFE is not highly recommended because it is derived from the carcinogen, perfluorooctanoic acid. These carcinogens are said to compromise the immune system and therefore are not often recommended.

  1. Super floss

It is made from a yarn-like material. Super Floss is stiffer at each end and can withstand the rigors of flossing in tight spaces when placing braces or dental bridges. This is a special type of floss for people with dental bridges or braces. dental floss types

Since there are different types of floss available, you will be able to find the best suit for you. But if you still have some questions answered, Consult the experts at HouseofTooth. We have personalized treatment options to help you choose the best fit. For further comprehensive dental care or treatment, schedule an appointment now.

dental floss types