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The Future of Orthodontics is Laser Orthodontics
Since the 1960’s researchers have explored the possibilities of enhancing conventional dental treatment with lasers in hope of elevating the patient experience. The use of laser-assisted orthodontics is a relatively new concept, but as the range of capabilities expands, sophisticated orthodontists are catching on to laser efficiency and ease of use. Best dental clinic in mahalunge

Best dental clinic in mahalunge

Diode Lasers are increasingly being integrated into orthodontic practice, with numerous published studies demonstrating their advantages for aesthetic and soft tissue challenges. Lasers have many common applications in orthodontics including enamel etching, debonding of brackets, and PAIN MANAGEMENT after orthodontic movement. Lasers help to move the teeth faster and shorten the treatment time.

Lasers have become a permanent part of modern orthodontics. Lasers have improved oral hygiene, the efficiency of the dental practice, and aesthetic finishing. There is no longer any doubt lasers are an important part of the future. Orthodontic lasers are becoming more and more popular within the dental field. Lasers have issued dentistry into the future due to the technology now available.

LASER assisted Orthodontics is a revolutionary technology that uses laser beams to reshape the teeth. It has been used for many years in orthodontics, but recent advancements have made the treatment more accurate and effective.

The benefits of LASER assisted Orthodontics are numerous. The most important benefit is that it does not harm the surrounding tissue and it also reduces pain.

Lasers are used to cut and reshape the teeth. It is a painless and quick procedure. The laser beam is highly focused on the tooth surface and it cuts through the enamel to get to the dentin.

There are many benefits of LASER assisted Orthodontics which includes:

– Lesser discomfort

– Lesser chance of infection

– Faster recovery time

– More precise cutting techniques that can be used in complex cases

– Performed certain laser surgeries


Laser fillings are performed in the same amount of time as traditional fillings but if multiple fillings are required, the laser will reduce the time spent in the dental chair. And multiple mouthparts can be done in one visit

Laser periodontal therapy:

Gum and bone disease (periodontal disease) is a common infection that causes bad breath, sore gums, receding gums, and loose bones and teeth. Affected individuals can put their heart at risk because the bacteria can attach to the heart valves. This bacterial infection can also spread to other people in your family

Sensitive teeth and fluoride treatment:

Lasers help people with sensitive teeth. When combined with fluoride treatment, certain dental lasers can reduce sensitivity for several months. The viability of this treatment fluctuates between patients.

Gum Lifts:

With laser gum lifts, the gum and bone around the teeth can be reshaped and rebalanced quickly and painlessly without sutures or swelling. Often crowns or veneers can be completed at your appointment or within two weeks.

Crown Length:

Laser crown length work is done around teeth that are broken or filled below the gum line and now require crown treatment. In order to clean and properly bond to a healthy tooth structure, we need to see the teeth clearly and ensure that the bonding does not interfere with your gum and bone health.

Previously, this procedure was performed by a specialist, in a separate appointment, and required six to eight weeks of healing before the crown was made. Now, crown lengthening and crown preparation can be done in one visit, saving both time and money.

Minor surgery:

Swelling and soft and hard tissue growth in and around the mouth can be treated quickly and easily with a dental laser.

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