Tooth Extractions

Dental clinic in balewadi high street

Dental clinic in balewadi high street

Laser assisted tooth extractions Laser therapy helps stops the bleeding and helps in healing much faster than conventional extractions.
This form of treatment is always the last case scenario. If a tooth is unable to be saved and the tooth structure is broken down completely along with infection we unfortunately have to remove it.

Conditions that may necessitate extraction include the following:

  • A tooth that cannot be restored, because of severe decay
  • A very mobile tooth with severe gum / bone infection
  • Severely malposed tooth causing soft tissue trauma to the cheek (especially third molars)
  • Cracked teeth from trauma
  • Supernumerary tooth (Extra tooth)
  • Teeth adjacent to a pathologic lesion that must be excised (eg. Cysts etc)
  • Teeth in the line of jaw bone fracture

However, therapeutic extraction for the purpose of orthodontic treatment may be required to achieve optimal correction.

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