Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Laser assisted root canal which has reduced post operative pain and much comforts than routine procedures. When a tooth becomes infected and if the infection is not treated in the initial stages, the infection thereafter spreads towards the nerve of the tooth. Once the nerve is infected we aim to save the natural tooth rather than remove it and replace only the crown of the natural tooth with an artificial one. This procedure is called root canal therapy.

A patient who has infected nerves will have to endure severe pain and sensitivity while eating or drinking anything hot or cold. He / she would feel relieved from the pain and discomfort after this therapy is performed.

How is it performed?

  • A local anaesthetic is given and the dentist creates and opening
  • With very fine dental instruments the nerves are removed to expose the nerve chambers
  • The nerve chambers are cleansed thoroughly and enlarged
  • The chambers are hence filled with artificial filler and then sealed and the tooth is given a temporary restoration
  • A final restoration is done by a specialist who may decide to cap the tooth. This depends on the amount of tooth surface available
  • This therapy is always beneficial to a patient as it aims at saving the natural tooth. Removing the tooth, on the other hand, may lead to various jaw problems and adjacent teeth may drift into the missing tooth space creating further complications
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